Caterham Experience

With over 500 participants per year, the CATERHAM DRIFT ACADEMY at the Nürburgring is the largest drift school in Germany, even receiving CATERHAM CARS UK's own motorsport commitment. You too can easily become part of this commitment, as nothing else is required aside from a valid driver's licence.

Furthermore, beginners are just as welcome as experienced motorsport competitors. Let us strap you into your car and show you how to take over complete control of the vehicle.

With a weight of less than 500 kg, as well as only being equppied with a limited slip differential race set-up without any electronic aid/nannies, our CATERHAM ACADEMY cars require total driver focus and commitment. This philosophy follows the motto: "the more control you have, the less you have to fear". We strive on teaching beginners and professionals how to attain total control of a vehicle.

At the end of the day, we promise that you will have the abilities to drift the vehicle over a closed road, flying around the pylons mid-drift while the tires dissolve into smoke.

You will navigate through the course primarily through sliding, mastering the CATERHAM race car perfectly,  steering it almost primarily with the throttle on permanently spinning wheels. After a few rides, you will move the CATERHAM all the way around the course...providing a level of nonstop action that even experienced racing drivers, licence holders and daredevil bikers will enjoy.


Our CATERHAM DRIFT Experience is pure motorsport entertainment that provides you with an unforgettable driving experience like any you have never experienced before. Are you ready to shred some tires?

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