SMRC Racing

The Seven Mania Racing Club e.V. was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing Caterham drivers, along with drivers of similar lightweight vehicles,  the opportunity for affordable and safe motorsport on traditional European race circuits.

Not only is a commitment to the sport especially central to the club, but to fairness and camaraderie with one another as well.

The SMRC events serve to introduce drivers to motorsport in a safe and progressive way, assisting them in slowly testing their limits in the company of other drivers with similar cars. Safety measures both on and off the circuit are of the highest standard. The exclusive time frames allow you to race on a safe circuit while you measure your vehicle and skills against like-minded drivers.

Our events normally do not allow for other car brands such as touring cars, Porsche, BMW, Formula cars, Radicals etc.. Instead we focus solely on similar and comparable vehicles to the Caterham 7.

The SMRC Eurocup is directed towards all motorsport fans who prefer to competitively measure themselves against their counterparts in circuit racing. Because most club members all know each other, the Eurocup offers the perfect opportunity to comfortably take yourself and your vehicle to the limit in an atmosphere of sheer camaraderie.

You can find further information about technical requirements on the website of the SMRC e.V.