MOG Composites

We have been producing fibreglass and carbon fibre Caterham Seven components from our own in-house production for over 20 years.

Due to our close relationship with Caterham Cars, we would like to emphasize that we have no intention of acting as a direct competor  to the original parts selection from Caterham Cars. Instead, we have remain focused on providing additional variations and functionality to complete or expand existing Caterham offerings.

These products are presented here on our website in the product catalogue under the subsection Carbon / GRP Composites.

Our fibreglass products contain a mixture of fibreglass fabric with epoxy resin. This process helps prevent irregularities known as "star cracks". Each part is finished in a black coloured surface which does not necessarily need to be painted for racing applications. We do however recommend painting these parts to achieve an optimal look.

Our carbon fibre products are manufactured without a clear coat finish. Although we do recommend applying a clear coat finish for improved optics and optimum weather protection, we must point out that applying such a finish will make production-related air pockets/bubbling unavoidable. Please make sure to discuss this with your painter.

Wet carbon fibre parts must be completely dry before being exposed to sunlight. Furthermore, carbon fibre parts that have been strongly heated due to prolonged sun exposure must not get wet. Otherwise the surfaces may become milky.

Please note: All of our products are handmade upon order. This process can lead to minor deviations from part to part, as well as minor irregularities (distortions / curvatures in the fabric, minor scratches, etc.).

If you take delivery of the goods at a later date, please ensure that you make a complaint directly to the deliverer about any damaged parcels and open them in his/her presence, as well as document and inform us of any damages. If in doubt, please refuse acceptance!