5-Speed Gearbox Variants

Type 9 Gearbox

Ready-to-Install gearbox
We need an old T9 in exchange
3.284,40 € incl. 19 % VAT
2.760,00 € excl. VAT
Surcharge for a complete needle-bearing main shaft
615,23 € incl. 19 % VAT
517,00 € excl. VAT
Surcharge for housing, bearing plate and aluminium cover
1.272,11 € incl. 19 % VAT
1.069,00 € excl. VAT

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This special gearbox configuration is solely intended for the Caterham driver who wants their vehicle to spend the majority of its time on the road. 

Based on the Type 9 gearbox housing, we offer the following configuration of gear ratios:

1st gear  2.482 or 2.290
2nd gear 1.610
3rd gear  1.225
4th gear  1:1
5th gear   0.87 or 0.82

These ratios are much better suited for a road-going Caterham than their series counterpart. First gear is held much longer than stock, with the following gears being optimally balanced. 5th gear is available in a sportier ratio of 0.87, or as an optional setting similar to the series overdrive.

This package does not include the pictured nosepiece for holding the release bearing and gear lever. We offer these parts as well, or they can be transferred over from your existing gearbox.

We supply a variety of high-performance 5-speed gearboxes and can refund you for providing your original type 9 gearbox core. These gears are not suitable for high-torque turbo engines.

Explanation of Options :

Gearbox Housing: Offered in either aluminum and steel (series) or complete aluminum (weight savings of 3.7 kg!).

Gears:  Clubman synchronized rated up to 190 hp and 7500 RPM during continuous operation. Higher RPM’s are possible during short term bursts, but are not recommend during continuous operation.
This straight-toothed design offers cost-friendly gear wheel sets with very loud operating noise suited predominantly for the racetrack due to their annoyance.

Clubman synchronized, same as above, but with semi-helical gearing: This Quaife gear wheel set is made exclusively for us by our English partner company, SP Components. This option is manufactured with helical gear sets, which are much quieter compared to straight-toothed sets. Due to this design, this gear set provides tolerable operating noise, making it our first choice for any Super 7 looking to terrorize road or track!

Heavy Duty synchronized straight-toothed design: Features gear wheels with needle bearings that can handle up to 275 hp, as well as high RPM’s.

Unsynchronized dog engagement (Constant mesh): Straight-toothed design rated for up to 275 hp. The nightmare of broken or stuck synchronizer rings is now a thing of the past. This is truly a motorsport application which only purists will find suitable for road use!

Input shaft for Opel and Rover engines, as well as Ford engines.

Optional: High-strength „Heavy Duty Operating Block" milled from solid steel. Offers wear-free switching fork operation.

The return of a Type 9 is mandatory and included in the price calculation.