Carbon Fibre Wishbone Flaps

MOG Composite
Upper Wishbone Flaps
236,81 € incl. 19 % VAT
199,00 € excl. VAT
Lower Wishbone Flaps
236,81 € incl. 19 % VAT
199,00 € excl. VAT
Complete set of Upper and Lower Wishbone Flaps
473,62 € incl. 19 % VAT
398,00 € excl. VAT

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Throughout many successful years of competing in motorsports with Caterhams we have continually asked ourselves, “How can we improve the existing aerodynamic shortcomings of a Caterham?”

After countless hours of researching, developing, and successfully testing every little detail, we proudly offer our very own carbon fibre wishbone flaps.

These flaps allow the incoming airstream to be directed favorably over the wishbone, providing less air resistance/drag. This is especially important as pressure to the front tyres increases.

With these flaps equipped,  the tendency to understeer is reduced as more downforce is applied to the front axle, allowing our Caterhams to steer more willingly while closely following the predetermined turn-in radius. In addition, the braking effect increases slightly due to the car being pressed farther forward to the road.

These flaps are typically attached to the lower or upper wishbones using Sikaflix, making them suitable for aftermarket placement on Caterhams.

Our pricing options allow you to choose between a pair of upper or lower flaps, as well as a complete set.