Paddle Shift for Quaife QBE60G

Type 9 Gearbox

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We proudly offer a complete paddle shift kit for QUAIFE QBE60G sequential gearbox. This kit enables the ability to up- & downshift without using the clutch, giving you the opportunity of left-foot braking, an advantage for drivers in rally and racing.

All units are tested, adjusted and proven by Westermann Motorsport.

The following is included:

•    Carbon fibre shift paddles with high quality switches
•    Carbon fibre adapter for 260 or 290mm steering wheels with 3 or 6 screws
•    Interlock Button (To prevent accidental shifting from or to Neutral)
•    Geartronics GCU that uses ECU Information and Data Logging capability
•    High Precision Gear Position Sensor
•    Pneumatic System: Compressor, Pressure Accumulator,
     Valve Block, Shift Actuator, Throttle Blipper
•    Actuating Rod, CNC Machined
•    Bracket for the Actuating Rod, CNC Machined
•    Bracket for the Shift Actuator, CNC Machined
•    Pneumatic Hoses
•    Wiring Harness

Not Included are:
•    Quick-Release System for the Steering Wheel
•    Installation or Setup
•    Dismounting and mounting of engine and Gearbox
•    Running of cables or Air Hoses
•    Adjustments and calibrations